Mega Trends that will impact the future of IT Industry

IT Industry is at an Inflection Point right now. There are three major disruptive forces that will change the way how IT will be procured and consumed and how business will engage with its stakeholders.

  1. Digital experience with Smartphones and Tablet is changing the way IT is consumed.
  2. Cloud Computing is changing the way IT is procured and delivered.
  3. Social Media is changing the way Business engages with the stakeholders.

These have important implications for the CIO office. These trends will drive a rebalance within the RTB/CTB (Run-The-Business/Change-The-Business) spend. The CTB spend will get more share of CIO’s IT Budget. This is because:

  1. Traditional PC replacement cycle is undergoing a change.
  2. Virtualization is making underlying hardware (and its ownership) non-strategic.
  3. Cloud-enabled services are becoming increasingly viable. The attraction is scalability, pay-as-you-go, and freedom from infrastructure build-out and less capex sensitivity.
  4. Application development will focus more on Mobile/Tablets than Desktops/Notebooks.
  5. Companies will spend money to create total product experience for consumers on multiple devices and operating systems.
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